Pooch Of The Month



                  Pooch Of The Month winners for December are - The Three Amigos

Here's what their owner had to say -

The Three Amigos are rehomed or rescue. Ella (Tri) the oldest of the three who has been with us from 10 months old is now 11 and is still enjoying playtime with her younger brother Oscar (Ruby) despite having heart problem. Oscar came to us at 10 month old and is now 5. He is a crazy little character who has moments of running around the house like a nutter and when he wags his tail the whole of his body moves. Pearl (Blenheim) is a rescue and has been with us three years, we are not sure of her age but we believe she is about eight or nine years old. She is very affectionate and is always wanting human contact, Pearl also suffers from heart problems and vestibular disease. All three are our pride and joy and go with us every where possible, including going to our caravan on a regular basis, which they thoroughly enjoy.


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